Terms - Rushton Meadows
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Rushton Meadows – Dog Walking Padocks
Terms and Conditions

It is important that all of our users and visitors are able to enjoy the use of our paddocks safely. Please observe the following terms and conditions.


By making a booking, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions at the time of making your booking.


If any user or visitor breaches the terms and conditions, Rushton Meadows Ltd can at their absolute discretion, ask them to leave the paddocks and prevent them from using the paddocks going forwards.


These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time.


This agreement does not create any rights over the land, and you accept that the landowner maintains control and possession of the paddocks and communal areas at all times.​​


Risk and liability


  • The paddocks are large areas of former agricultural grazing, with the potential for uneven ground, vegetation, branches, stones and other potential hidden hazards, which are consistent with the countryside. You acknowledge that the nature and condition of the paddocks will vary depending on the season and/or weather at the time.


  • The use of the paddocks is entirely at your own risk. Rushton Meadows Ltd accepts no liability for the death of, or injury to, any person or dog using the facility, or damage to any property. Rushton Meadows Ltd accepts no liability for losses, claims, actions, damages, expenses, or any other liability incurred by you whilst at Rushton Meadows.


  • The behaviour and actions of your dog(s) are your sole responsibility.


  • Visitors and users must report any accident, injury or incident to us immediately by calling 07894 171278.


  • All Dog Trainers must provide a copy of their Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance prior to using the paddocks. Professional Dog Walkers must provide a copy of their Public Liability Insurance.


Personal safety and children


  • You are welcome to bring friends and family to walk your dog(s) and you agree to take full responsibility for their safety and ensure that they abide by the terms and conditions for the use of the paddocks.


  • Children under the age of 16 are welcome but must be supervised at all times. Children and users must respect the paddocks and their contents and children must not be allowed to climb on the fences, gates, or any equipment.


  • You agree not to let anyone else into the paddocks other than friends and family that you intended to use the paddock with.


Dog safety


  • There has been a worrying increase in the number of dog thefts nationally and you should ensure that you take all necessary precautions and that your dog(s) always remains within eyesight.


  • Although the fences and gates are designed to minimise the chance of escape, you must assess whether the boundaries are suitable for your dog(s) before letting them out of your car or off the lead. Rushton Meadows Ltd accepts no responsibility or liability for dogs that escape the paddocks.


  • The fences and gates will be inspected regularly, however damage may occur from time to time. If you notice any damage or issues, please contact 07894 171278 immediately and stop using the paddock until the issue is rectified.


  • Dogs must remain on leads if you need to access the dog walking paddocks from the communal parking area, to ensure the safety of other users, members of the public, nearby road users, and of course your dog(s).


Parking and valuables


  • Your vehicle(s) or any property brought to Rushton Meadows is done so at your own risk. Rushton Meadows Ltd cannot be held responsible for any accidents, damage, or loss incurred to vehicles or their contents and valuables.


  • You should only park in the communal parking area if you are waiting for your session to start or if you and your friends/family have arrived in multiple vehicles.


Entering and exiting the paddocks


  • Please ensure that you arrive on-time and remain in your car with your dogs in the communal parking area until the previous user has vacated the paddock.


  • At the start of your session, you must unlock the gate and drive your vehicle into the paddock and park on the designated hardstanding area.The access gate should be shut behind you when you are using the paddock. There is space for one car in each paddock and additional vehicles should be left in the communal parking area.


  • Your dog(s) must remain on a lead or in your car until the gate is closed behind you.


  • Please vacate the field by the end of your session, so that the next visitor can enjoy their full booking. You should allow enough time within your session to clear up dog poo and collect your possessions.


  • You must lock the gate behind you at the end of your session.


Etiquette and house rules


  • Please enjoy and respect the countryside whilst walking your dog(s). The paddocks must not be used for any illegal / immoral use and you agree not to do anything which may diminish the enjoyment of other visitors and users.


  • Biodegradable dog poo bags and bins are provided in each paddock. You must pick up your dog poo and dispose of it in the bins provided or take it away with you.


  • All other litter must be collected and taken away with you. Please do not dispose of it in the dog poo bins.


  • All toys and apparatus that you may bring must be taken away with you. Complete or broken toys can be a choke hazard for dogs and must be removed.


  • No smoking must take place anywhere on site.


  • Please discourage your dogs from digging in the paddocks but if they do so, any holes must be filled and reported to 07894 171278 before you leave the paddock.


  • Your dogs must regularly be treated for flea, tick and worm prevention and be fully vaccinated before using the paddocks.


  • You must not bring your dogs to the paddocks if they have been unwell during the last 48 hours.


  • The adjacent land is actively farmed and grazed with sheep and other livestock. Please respect the livestock and prevent your dogs from worrying them.


  • The paddocks are in the open countryside, however you must respect any users of the other paddock at Rushton Meadows and any neighbours. If your dog persistently barks, Rushton Meadows Ltd can at their absolute discretion, ask you to leave the paddocks and prevent you from using the paddocks going forwards.


  • You must not take photos of other user(s) of the paddocks or their dogs and / or post the photos on social media without the user(s) explicit consent.




  • All bookings must be made in advance through the Rushton Meadows website. It is not possible to take bookings over the phone.


  • All bookings are paid for in advance through our website. Cash cannot be accepted and must not be left at the paddocks.


Cancellations / Rescheduling appointments


  • All bookings are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled.


  • However, you are able to reschedule your booking (unlimited times) via the website up to 24 hours before your session.


Opening Times and Closures


  • The paddocks are open at specific times during the summer and winter seasons as published on the website. No access to the field is allowed outside of these opening times.


  • Rushton Meadows reserves the right to close the paddocks and/or withdraw permission for the use of the paddocks at any time and for any reason. Such closures may be required for essential maintenance or severe weather conditions for example.  If a booking needs to be cancelled by Rushton Meadows Ltd, any advanced payment will be refunded but Rushton Meadows Ltd shall accept no liability for any other expenses incurred or loss sustained by the client as result of the use of the paddocks being withdrawn.

Basis of Occupation


  • Rushton Meadows (the Licensor) grants a Licence to Occupy to the customer (the Licensee) for the specified time period and paddock set out in the booking.


  • The Licensor gives the Licensee permission to use the relevant paddock subject to the terms set out above.


  • This licence is personal to the Licensee and is not assignable.


  • The Licensor is not liable for the acts or omissions of third parties carrying out activities on land adjacent to the Grazing Area.


Click here to download a PDF version of these terms and conditions