Rushton Meadows | Dog Walking Fields | Kettering | Northamptonshire
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Rushton Meadows

Our paddocks are available for exclusive private hire for 30 or 60 minute slots all year round.  You can bring up to 12 dogs but please contact us if you wish to bring any more.

The paddocks are perfect for;

Dog owners

Dog trainers

Dog walkers and sitters

Dogs that cannot be trusted off the lead

Dogs that are not good with other dogs

New puppies or rescue dogs

Bitches in season

How does it work?

All bookings are made through our easy online booking system

You will receive a confirmation text and email with a gate lock code to access the main gate and your paddock.

Drive to Rushton Meadows and park in the large parking area if you are early.

Unlock and drive into your paddock and close the gate behind you.

Enjoy exclusive, safe and secure dog walking!

At the end of your slot, drive away ensuring to lock the gates behind you.

Choosing your paddock


Both of our paddocks have beautiful views over the surrounding countryside and towards the village of Rushton.

Free dog poo bags and bins are provided.

Rushton Paddock

Rushton Paddock

Rushton Paddock is on the left hand side as you drive into Rushton Meadows. The paddock is positioned next to the car park, making it convenient for group bookings and classes.



Glendon Paddock

Glendon Paddock

Glendon Paddock is on the right hand side as you drive into Rushton Meadows. It is slightly larger at 2.2 acres with plenty of space to run free.



Barford Paddock

Barford Paddock

Barford Paddock is set further away from the main entrance with some exciting tunnels and obstacles to play with!